Reverse Osmosis Systems with Stacked Electrodeionization

The ROE-Series combines our ROS and EDS-Series into a single unit operation. The combined system is designed to remove ions, particles and reduce TOC. The ROS section can provide 98% to 99% removal of most ions with an 85% recovery. The EDS unit is designed to polish water with less than 40 micro S/cm, 1 ppm silica, 0.1 ppm iron, 0.02 ppm total chlorine/chloramine, 1.0 ppm of hardness and 0.5 ppm of dissolved oxygen.


  • pH adjustment
  • Dechlorination feed system
  • Antiscalant feed system
  • Clean-in-Place skid
  • Sanitization package
  • Heat exchanger
  • Cartridge filter
  • Polypropylene piping and valves
  • Automatic recirculation of the permeate flow
  • Stainless steel RO pressure vessels